I handed in my notice at my day job. I’ve been working as a bookseller for many years and it’s really scary, but also way way overdue. It’d be hugely over simplifying the decision to say that I’ve left to pursue self employment, but something had to give and I’d rather quit a job I’ve been hoping to move on from for years rather than give up at craft stuff at a time when I’ve got the potential to have my most successful Christmas ever.

It was starting to really upset me that I feel like my most important job, of mother, was always bottom of my list. I don’t get home until around 6pm on work days and I absolutely hate that I couldn’t make Rose her tea, and was struggling to even practice phonics with her. And then because of orders to fulfill and craft fairs to stock, even when I’m home I’ve had sewing in my hands at almost all times.

At the same time the decision is completely nuts, we were finally starting to be able to put some money aside thanks to my wage slowly going up with my hours, and now I’ve ruined that. I don’t think I’ll make enough from craft stuff beyond Christmas so am very much looking for a new job, but for the moment I hope to be able to really properly throw myself into it. I did a craft fair at the weekend which went really well, and I was blown away by the many many well wishes and congratulations from folks about quitting my job!

I’m really excited about having a job which involves watching Gilmore Girls all day, which at the same time working really hard (of course).

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