hello February

I’m really impressed by how much learning goes on at Rose’s nursery. Every week or two they study something new to learn new skills through. This term is all about getting to grips with rhyming in preparation for phonics. Last week they were reading The Gruffalo so everything was gruffalo themed, which suited Rose as we already regularly go on gruffalo hunts whenever we go for a walk. This week they’ve moved onto The Scarecrows Wedding, which we’ve also read, so they’ve been playing weddings every day. Rose’s teacher emailed me a photo of Rose in a wedding dress marrying her best friend’s cousin Harry. She’s been bringing her wedding theme home with her, improvising veils out of cloths and bouquets out of anything. It’s slotted into her usual princess role play very easily. She rarely refers to Dan as anything other than her prince, and now she also gets to marry him. We visited the allotment yesterday to get a bit of pre-spring digging done, and I offered Rose the top of an overgrown kale plant to use as flowers. This was a grand idea while we were there, but I did come to regret it when Rose insisted on keeping hold of her bunch of kale all afternoon at home, including while we were hiding under a blanket tent. The cabbage-y smell in an enclosed space wasn’t particularly pleasant.

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