three and a half

Yesterday Rose turned 3 and a half. As pretty much every other parent I’ve spoken to has said, you think you’ll remember all the little things they do as they grow and change, but you don’t. And then you regret not writing everything down. Photos definitely help, especially instagram ones with mind jogging captions. But I’d like to write more down, so I’ll try.

To Rose aged 3.5,

You’re growing up so quickly. You started pre-school in September and we were so proud of you for being a brave little thing and going every morning. You’ve made best friends with Isabelle and Harry, and have a few other friends you like to play with if they’re not there. You’re a little worrier, much like your mummy and daddy, so if you don’t see one of your friends when we arrive then you get upset, but you want so desperately to be independent that you insist we leave straight away so you can just get on with it. It breaks my heart when you wave at the window with your eyes filled with tears, I’m so very proud of you. You’re a champion at colouring in. You’ve also mastered writing your name including that pesky S. You had a shocking cold over Christmas, but you had a wonderful time. We were really pleased at how magical you found opening your presents, and impressed at your good manners in being thankful for all you got. I wish you’d got less from our families, but I know its unfair of me to worry so much about you being spoiled when it makes people happy to buy you things. I do look forward to talking to you about thoughtful consumerism though and maybe even one day not having a house filled with plastic toys we feel so strongly about not buying. But you were very pleased to get so many dolls, and love to play with them on your own, reenacting Disney princess plots mixed up with modern story-lines – Elsa goes to work while party barbie looks after her babies.

You’re the funniest little thing in our life. We laugh all the time, and have such fun being daft together. You make up brilliant songs and you’re so so clever. I love that we’re still the only people in the world who completely know who you are and what you want, so encouraging your growing independence is sometimes tough when I just want to cuddle you and get as many kisses in while your cheeks are still so deliciously squishy.

You’re absolutely beautiful.

Love you.

Processed with VSCO with g2 preset

Processed with VSCO with g2 preset


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