January was fun.

I decided to take part in some instagram photo challenges over the year, to encourage me to take pictures of Rose as she grows. I’m trying to take part in #the52project and #livingarrows, taking a photo of Rose each week. Not that I need much encouragement! Some weeks have been busier than others, and Rose tends to be in charge of whether or not she fancies having her photo taken, so I’ve panicked and tagged a photo each time I’ve managed to get a decent picture rather than when we were doing something of note. I’m the first to moan about how awful it is to never log off and always be on my phone, but it’s hard to deny how convenient, and great, having a camera phone always nearby is…it’s so nice to look back and remember how much has happened this month; our first trip to the cinema and Rose’s first snowman jump out as particularly noteworthy.

Here are some of the photos of our month;


1. First portrait of the month. And so so cute.


2. Went to see Paddington at the cinema.


3. Jumping in puddles.

1526 1531

4. Posing.


5. Snow.

I don’t seem to have moved my last portrait of the month onto the laptop so I’ll post that another time. Roll on February.

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