DIY triangle leggings

My 30 makes in September didn’t go so well. I made almost nothing during the last two weeks of the month, mostly due to being on honeymoon – surely a reasonable excuse? I did manage to customise a pair of leggings for Rose though, something I’d been meaning to do for a while.

Here’s a very very simple tutorial on what I did;

You’ll need: leggings, fabric to cut out patches for the knees – this needs to have a bit of stretch to it, double sided webbing stuff (no idea what this is called, but it’s the stuff that gets sticky on both sides when you iron it between the fabrics), iron, scissors, pins.


I cut out a cardboard triangle to use as a stencil, but you could just cut out the shapes freehand or use paper. I chose to  cut the patches from one of Rose’s old vest tops, because it was a similar fabric to the leggings and also I love the colours together. I tried to cut out the triangles so that the patch fabric would stretch in a similar way to the leggings. I cut a fairly large, very rough, seam area around the triangle.



I used my template to cut a triangle shape in my webbing material, cut this out, and then ironed it onto the patch fabric. While it was still warm, and sticky, I folded over the edges. They don’t stick down very firmly, but this step was just to get neat edges to sew around so it doesn’t matter.


I placed my patches onto the leggings and gave them another quick iron to hold them in place while I hand sewed them into place.

DSCF7667     DSC_0549

They look really cute on 🙂




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