This month I’ve decided to try to make something for each day in September, so 30 things. And it’s now the 16th, and I’m doing fairly well.

Some of the things are for my craft business amypanda, and lots of them are little projects with Rose. I hope that I’m not cheating by also counting baking even though the results are long gone.

So, so far I’ve made….

a set of circus themed animal finger puppets (counting as 4 things!)


a bird mobile/wall hanging:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


a circus animal mobile/wall hanging:



We planned a trip to see a screening of Fantastic Mr Fox, which was an brilliant excuse for a little bit of costume crafting. I drew and cut out some fox shaped masks with Rose, and she painted them red and helped to stick white cheeks and black noses on them. She also had a very DIY tail made out of the sock part of some old red tights with white felt stapled to the end, and a pillowcase cape, and “A” badge (for the character Ash). She loved wearing it all and wore the tail all day at the park, so it’s got me all excited for the possibilities for Halloween!



Rose and I have also baked a lot of flapjack and scones, both of which are easy for her to mix, roll and “make circles”. I pretty much leave her to it with scones once I’ve measured it all out, and we’ve been experimenting with adding different fruits, all of which have been fairly successful so I’d really recommend both scones and flapjack as easy bakes for small children. I didn’t take photos of all of our produce, but can remember (at least) 4 things we made (and ate) so will be counting that as 4. This is some flapjack cooling on the windowsill.


So the running total is 11 (4 puppets, 2 mobiles, a fox costume, 4 bakes)

We’re officially on honeymoon right now, albeit a honeymoon at home. Dan has two weeks annual leave (we’re 4 days in and have been doing lots of fun family stuff together, it’s so nice just to hang out!), and next Monday we’re going to a lodge near Keswick for 4 nights – so I’ll be cramming some making into this first week and taking it easy while we’re away. I have a few makes for the home I’ve been meaning to do for ages, so fingers crossed I’ll get around to having a go at them and getting closer to the 30 makes target!


Amy x


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